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… a SINGLE hug that turned into THOUSANDS…

Hugs Here Story


In June of 2013, my (then) ten year old daughter participated as a volunteer in a suicide prevention charity walk.  While very young, she had seen our efforts on behalf of the cause in honor of a family member we lost in 2005.  When opening ceremonies for the event started, she looked out and noticed a woman crying directly in front of where we were sitting.  She turned to me, saying simply “that person looks like they could use a hug”.  And so she did.  It was no more complicated than that simple caring gesture.

She continued on for the next seven hours, until 2:30 am (it was an overnight walk) when she couldn’t hold her eyes open anymore. By the end of the night, she hugged an estimated 250-300 people. We didn’t know it then, but our journey was just beginning.  Since that time, we have received comments from many people that participated in the walk that night. People that not only remembered her, but were inspired by her. People who’s lives were touched by a simple human gesture, and the altruistic expression of a little girl’s giving heart.

Hugs Here started out as an organic movement, based on compassion, understanding, and a basic human connection. From there, it has touched not only our lives, but that of many, many others. We thank you for being part of that journey, and for inspiring us with every hug along the way.  She continues to participate in events honoring suicide prevention (among others).  In October 2013, we were honored to have her lead a group of over 3,000 people taking steps towards the cause.

We continue these efforts to honor the memory of the one we lost.  During an event, she was asked by a reporter why it is that she likes to give hugs.  Her answer was simply because “she wanted to give people hugs they may never have had the chance to receive”.  With a tear in my eye and a smile in my heart, I know he’d be proud of the legacy she continues in his honor.


9 responses to “Hugs Here Story

  1. Susan Rhett says:

    My daughter is not a “hugger” but the hug you graciously shared with her at the Overnight Walk in Washington DC inspired her, encouraged her and energized her. Thank you for giving so much to so many with your love, care,concern and HUGS.

    • Hugs Here says:

      Thanks to each of those for giving back. Each was there with their own selfless giving of time, efforts, and love for something greater. We were as inspired by each of them as they were by us! Hope to see some of you again at next year’s walk!

  2. Mike Corba says:

    Keep up the good work you are bringing happyness into many peoples lives. I was hug 388 that day. Thanks

  3. Kelsey Magras says:

    I was hug 391 today at the Philadelphia walk. Absolutely think this is a great idea, you’re awesome!!

  4. Kate says:

    I was hug #466. It was the hug a a wonderful loving child. I have gotten those from my children. What a beautiful thing your daughter is doing. Hope to see her next year at the Art Museum.

  5. onlytest24 says:

    I have such respect for you, there are so many people in the world who dont know someting as simple as a Hug, can change your life. Everyone, every single person on earth needs a hug sometimes, but they dont admit it.
    You are an example for us all.

  6. Walk for Ms. Mojo! says:

    I forget what “hug” # I was, but it was awesome because I got 2! One at the start and one at the “mint” stop. Like I told you, you have inspired my 12 year old daughter to volunteer until she can actually walk for the cause. Thank you for adding some sunshine to this amazing cause and I can’t wait to see your postings of the Philadelphia walk. May God bless you!

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