Hugs Here

… a SINGLE hug that turned into THOUSANDS…

Hugs Here ~ 2013

on December 17, 2013

As the year closes, we look back and realize that something absolutely incredible happened to us this year … EACH OF YOU. We have touched so many of your lives, but hope you realize that you have, in turn, changed ours in ways that we can’t even begin to measure.

Moments are, by nature, fleeting. However, this year has shown us that what we choose to do in those moments can have an impact that lasts a lifetime.  We extend our humble and sincere appreciation for allowing us into your lives when you are most vulnerable, hopeless, or hurting – and for turning that into something good, meaningful, and memorable.

As adults, we understand these struggles to a certain extent. But there’s a small fraction of our community – Hugs Here Girl included – that are children coping with the same losses.  There is something innately beautiful in that innocence.  While we met most of you at suicide awareness events, there are not tears in your eyes when we look at you.  There are smiles on your faces that come from knowing you are not alone in your struggles.  There is happiness in your heart because one little girl thought of something greater than herself.  It is my greatest honor in life to have those hugs from her at home – and to have shared them with each of you this year in Washington, DC ( and Philadelphia, PA (

Looking forward to 2014, we hope to see each of you (and more!) in the 2014 Overnights and local community walks.  The holidays can be a difficult time, so we remind you to please reach out if you are struggling personally – and to remember those we love who have lost that battle.  You are not alone in your journey.  You need simply look here for a warm smile, a hopeful heart, and a hug when you just might need it most.

Best wishes to you & your family this holiday season.

The Hugs Here Girl & Her Mama


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