Hugs Here

… a SINGLE hug that turned into THOUSANDS…

Ripples In The Water

We have been fortunate enough to have people leave us lovely comments about how these experiences have personally affected their lives. We invite you to do the same (at the bottom of this page) once you’ve had a chance to read through these.

* I was lucky enough to meet you more than once and get some amazing hugs… but I also got to see your smile and all of your enthusiasm… You reminded this adult about how much a simple gesture like a smile or a hug or a pat on the back can mean to another person. You know when you throw a rock into the water, and the ripples from that little rock get bigger? You gave out your hugs… and reminded literally thousands of adults how important those little acts of kindness are… those are big ripples, kiddo… your hugs touched not only the people you actually hugged… but the people that WE will now hug… and on and on!

* I wanted to share with you that because of you I am a better person. I no longer keep to myself when I see people crying or when they look troubled. I’ve always been caring but the love that you displayed was altruistic and deeper than I have ever seen. Thank you for reminding me to be a light to others. Usually the first few miles are really sad for me because I get overwhelmed with my friend’s memories but you made those miles better with your love. You have a special gift and your soul is beautiful. Please know that if you are having a sad day there are a lot of people who you have impacted with your smile and are willing to support you. Hugs Here Girl, you are truly amazing and are wise beyond your years. Keep up the amazing work and changing other people’s lives and learning along the way.

* This was one of the most inspiring moments of the walk for me. It was my first walk and it was incredible to be surrounded by such loving souls and hope for the future. I attend a retreat center in NY, and there–we hug. Hundreds of hugs are given each day…words aren’t needed. Happy hugs, sad hugs, encouraging hugs, reunion hugs and hugs of love. This moment on the walk, those hugs, brought it full circle for me. Thank you for being the small piece of home and community I needed. Hugging that beautiful, smiling, little bundle of hope was truly hugging God. You inspired me, you showed me hope and gave me some love and a smile just as it was getting hard and I needed it most. You touched my heart and I will never forget that. This is one of my favorite memories of the Overnight Walk that I will share for years to come. Sending you hope and hugs. Continue to shine and bring our world out of the darkness.

* We all need someone to hold our hand through the darkness once in a while.

* I saw this sweet girl during the walk, but didn’t stop for one of those hugs. I was so excited to see this page, and will surely seek her out if I do the walk again next year! This girl has a heart of gold, I love it!

* Thanks so much for allowing your daughter to participate! And thanks to her for the hug. It was one of the most memorable moments of the night.

* Hi sweetie!! I received one of your welcome hugs at the overnight!! You are a very special for doing this!! Thank You!

* Thanks for making me cry!!!!!!

* WOW, I can feel the hugs from here. Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

* Your late night hug really helped get me through the walk! Look forward to the next hug.

* What an amazing caring child. Those hugs meant a lot to us.

* Thank you for being such an inspiration! Much peace and love.

* Whoa incredible pictures!!!!! Pretty sure I asked for about 20 hugs from Hugs Here Girl.

* What a beautiful inspiration. Such a compassionate little girl. I think HUGS HERE is a wonderful volunteer activity that obviously touched so many! Thank you.

* I got a great hug from you at the DC Out of the Darkness Overnight. I loved it and I talked about it all night, “Where is the hug girl?!?!? I need another hug!!!” It was fantastic! Thank you sweetie!!!

* I walked that night and received several hugs. It was a great idea and very appreciated. Way to go “hug girl!”

* You have no idea how much your hugs meant to me and my daughter. We hugged you every time we saw you. Thank you so very much.

* You were my favorite part (of the walk).

* Your hug meant the world to me and I know others too. Thank you for giving from your heart what we all really needed. I hope to see you next year!

* I find your page and the thoughts and pics very uplifting. Thank you for being out there.

* I miss hugs.

* I’m now very sorry I didn’t take the time to hug you. But each time I walked by I though of how amazing you were! Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness!

* Thank you for the Hugs, you made me laugh at the incentives table and kept that smile going through the walk! You are a joy and a sweetheart.

* When I walked up to the rest stop and saw you and your sign, it brought tears to my eyes, but also filled my heart with happiness and joy. Thank you so much for being there to cheer us on, and make a difference to us that walked! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!

* You inspired me and I didn’t even walk. I hope to see you next year when I am a walker.

* This idea, giving a hug when somebody could really use one, is just an awesome and beautiful thing to do.

* Thank YOU for the hugs! It was such a wonderful surprise for me on my very first walk. A simple gesture DOES mean a lot to a hurting soul.

* THANK YOU for being such an inspiration to all of us! You are an amazing young lady!

* I hope my kids are as kind and generous as you.

* You are such an amazing young lady! You inspired so many people that night! You should be so proud of yourself!

* You, my sweet girl, are an inspiration! Thank you for being our hero.

* You are such An amazing young lady! Thank you for the hug en route;-) You were a highlight of the walk!


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